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QSR quick service Restaurant, is a Food and beverage vertical that provides food delivery and takeaway services for products that require minimal preparation time. Typically it consists of Fast food items, with a concise menu, that can be prepared with lesser time and minimal variation. QSR restaurants follow standardised procedures SOPs, which makes it largely scaleable and saves time. 

The food delivery market is worth over $15 billion per year in INDIA ,and the figure keeps growing exponentially. With our 9+ years of experience in the food industry, executing 500+ different models, we understand the Food Industry closely and help our clients to build profitable and scalable QSR Business models all around India aggressively. We provide QSR consulting services in Mumbai, QSR consulting Service in Pune, QSR consulting in Bangalore & QSR consulting service in Delhi . WE also Provide QSR consulting services in other cities pan India on project basis.

A QSR – quick service restaurant – can be a “category focused” or “multi-category ” or “multi brand”. Because of its easy-to-operate and serve format, having a short and on point menu for a quick service restaurant is highly recommended.


Only & major difference between a Cloud kitchen and a QSR is – in cloud kitchens you have only kitchen serving food virtually and in QSR format – you have a take away counter with proper led menu’s and presentable interiors.

Let us plan together what’s best for you between QSR v/s Cloud kitchens over a consulting session at our office 

electing the right Quick Service Restaurant theme


One of the first and most important decisions to be made by an aspiring restaurateur is choosing their Quick Service Restaurant food category & theme. With every new restaurant or Cloud Kitchen, a base concept needs to be chosen. This sets the tone and describes what the experience in terms of service style, cuisine, packaging, and atmosphere, will be like. The concept and theme frame the way the public perceives your establishment, giving patrons an idea of what to expect when while ordering or dining there.

Depending on the concept, we help you select the QSR theme and cuisine. This majorly influences the menu of the Cloud Kitchen and the look and feel of the QSR – from crockery & cutlery to glassware, from staff uniform to the music selection. Moreover, your concept choice will act as a stepping stone to future decisions and investments, such as location, equipment purchases, number of employees, and the kind of marketing strategy you will need.

Even before you sway your customers with the food, it is the details and look of the food while ordering online or the ambiance of the restaurant that sets an impression. It is essential that every tiny detail is in sync and compliments the feel of your cloud kitchen, restaurant, café, or kiosk. So whether it is a sit-in or a takeaway restaurant while you prepare that perfect dish, we ensure your customer knows what to expect with your Quick Service Restaurant theme and so enjoys the wait.

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Pride in Each Service

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